Community Chest Christmas Campaign 2017

This Christmas, give someone a reason to celebrate.

Not everyone's Christmas will be filled with joy, but you can change that by giving them a reason to celebrate.



100% of your donations will go towards supporting about 80 social service organisations under our care, empowering people like Sanjay, 13-year-old student from Rainbow Centre, with a voice.


Sheerad Sanjay has cerebral palsy and global development delay, which caused him to struggle with simple day-to-day tasks such as walking and talking. It was frustrating when people found it hard to understand him no matter how hard he tries to utter words clearly. He could not move around on his own and play like other children could.

Not until he received help from Rainbow Centre - Margaret Drive School, a social service organisation supported by Community Chest. He was placed in the Special Education Programme for Pupils with Multiple Disabilities and learned to communicate using an Augmentative and Alternative Communication application.

Sanjay is happy that he now has a voice to say what he wants. He is able to introduce himself to other children using the application, tell them about his favourite cartoons, racing cars and favourite sport - swimming! He is also receiving physiotherapy to help him improve his gross motor skills so he can move around and play like other children.

Your sustained support towards Community Chest will enable him and many other children with special needs to continue attending sessions that help them in their journey towards independence. It will also enable us to: