Charity Support Fund

The application for the third tranche of the Community Chest Charity Support Fund will be open from 23 July 2018 to 17 August 2018Please note that late applications will NOT be accepted.

To apply for the grant, please complete and submit a scanned copy of the application form to and Hardcopies are not required.

All applications will be evaluated and we will notify you of the application outcome and funding amount. 

At Community Chest, we are committed to raise funds for our supported social service organisations so that they can focus on delivering critical social services to the disadvantaged and vulnerable within our community. Beyond raising funds for critical social service programmes, we are increasingly reaching out to stakeholders in the community to catalyse strategic partnershps an enhance capacity and capability of our social service organisations. This is aligned to our vision to build a caring and inclusive society.

The National Council of Social Service (NCSS), with support from Community Chest, has established a Charity Support Fund to provide funding to support smaller and under-supported social service organisations in meeting social service needs. The Community Chest Charity Support Fund will support programmes to empower social service users and families, capital expenditure and build capability for community engagements to benefit social service users.

This additional support for the sector will benefit an estimated total of 60 social service organisations from FY17 - FY20. The unding will be over a two year period, and the amount will be up to $50k per year, capped at 50% of annual total operating expenditure for eligible social service organisations.

To be eligible for the Community Chest Charity Support Fund, the following criteria has to be fulfilled:
a)      Full NCSS Member;
b)      Active IPC status;
c)       Agencies that support programmes that contribute to the psycho-social well-being of the target clients (excludes health, education, financial aid, legal, sports and recreation programmes);
d)      Agency’s total reserves / Total Operating Expenditure (TOE) ratio <2x*; and 
e)      TOE <$2m*.
* Based on your agency’s latest audited Financial Statements

Please note that social service organisations that are currently receiving the Community Chest Chariy Support Fund are not eligible for this round of application.

The funds can be used for initiatives in any of the 3 areas below:
a)      Programmes to empower service users and families
b)      Capital expenditure
c)      Capability building for community engagements with the aim of unlocking resources for service users

Please contact Shin Fen at 6210 6693 or email her at if you have any enquiries or require any assistance.