Community Chest Charity TV Show 2018

20 May 2018

This year marks 35 years since Community Chest first set out to bring the community together, fundraise and care for those in need. As we mark this milestone, we want to appreciate our founders, leaders and many who have guided us in the past years, connect with what we continue to do to empower lives, and inspire the next generation to step up to contribute and collectively create a caring and inclusive society. 

There is no better way to celebrate this 35-year milestone of caring with the community than to celebrate it with the people whom have journeyed with us through the Community Chest 35th Anniversary Charity Television Show, which will be broadcasted live over Channel 8 on 20 May 2018.

You can continue to join us in this journey to support about 80 social service organisations under our care, so that together, we will be Empowering with Care, Uniting in Trust. Donate to help build a caring and inclusive community with us today.

*All donations of $5,000 and above will be entitled to at least 2 tickets to the show on a first come first served basis, subject to availability.

Date: 20 May 2018, Sunday
Time: 7pm - 10pm (live telecast on Channel 8)
Location: MES Theatre @ MediaCorp

The Community Chest Charity TV Show 2018 is the main signature event of Community Chest 35th Anniversary celebration as we invite our leaders, partners and service users to join us for a special night of entertainment to help raise funds for those in need.   

The TV show aims to appreciate the philanthropic pioneers who had steered the charitable efforts of Community Chest in the past years, and involve the younger generation who would showcase how they are stepping up to contribute to care and help those in need. Through highlighting the five social causes supported by Community Chest, the TV show would showcase the continuous and holistic efforts within the community to build a caring and inclusive Singapore. 

For the first time, there would be a special pre-show segment to conduct a day activity – Future We Create. Led by the students in the various universities, polytechnics, junior colleges and ITEs, they will head out in the afternoon of the TV show day to galvanise the community through an island-wide innovative electronic fundraising initiative. Joined by local artistes who are alumnus from these institutions, they will participate in busking activities across the island to rally support from all walks of life to care and share. This activity would culminate at MediaCorp where the students, representing the future generation of the caring community, would join in the performance of the opening segment.

Jackie Chan, Wakin Chau and Jonathan Lee are international super-stars with a heart for charity and strong empathic connection for the less fortunate in Singapore.  The trio are well known to our local audience, with many adoring fans in Singapore.

Lending their super-star power for the Community Chest Charity TV Show 2018, they are passionate in encouraging the community to care through volunteerism and donations. They often help raise awareness of the needs of the service users and charities, and rally support from the community to play a part in building a caring and inclusive society.

Community Chest is privileged to have the support of all three of them performing for the Show on charitable basis as their conviction and contribution to support social service organisations in Singapore through Community Chest.