Community Chest Fú Dài 2019

18 & 19 January 2019

Join us this Lunar New Year to bring hope to those in need and fill their hearts with love.


During this festive period, it is common to greet one another with well wishes of abundance and prosperity. As we gather with our family and friends to look back on the past year of blessings, let us not forget those around us that we can share our abundant blessings with. 

Community Chest Fú Dài 2019 provides a platform for you to do just that by blessing social service users such as vulnerable seniors or families in need. 

A Fú Dài can bring a smile to a senior who may live alone, and encourage families going through challenging times. Let a bag of festive goodies fill not just their bellies, but their hearts and homes with warmth.

Donate now to bring hope and joy to those in need today!


“虽然我一个人生活, 但非常庆幸有银康乐龄之友的帮助和社交活动, 让我重新融入社会,还能帮助其他有需要的人!”

“As a senior living alone, I am thankful that AMKFSC Community Services stepped in to engage me with befriending services and activities, allowing me to have a sense of belonging to the community and opportunities to contribute back!”

Mdm Rose Tan Beng Kee 
Participant of AMKFSC Community Services – COMNET Befriending Services

Look back at the highlights of Community Chest Fú Dài 2018 and find out how you can be part of this meaningful event!

*The number of Fú Dài will be capped at 6,000 and distributed to seniors and families under the care of social service organisations supported by Community Chest and the National Council of Social Service. All donations raised will be fully channelled for the operating needs for about 80 social service organisations supported by Community Chest. All festive items in the Fú Dài to be delivered are made possible by in-kind sponsorship. As fundraising and other operating costs are covered by mainly by Tote Board Group, every dollar raised by Community Chest will be made available to social service programmes under our care.

Share Joy with 6,000 Social Service Users

The Fú Dài will be delivered to the following social service organisations, mostly supported by Community Chest and the National Council of Social Service:

  • AMKFSC Community Services Ltd.*

  • Association for Persons with Special Needs*

  • Beyond Social Services

  • Blossom World Society

  • Bright Hill Evergreen Home

  • Eden School*

  • Fei Yue FSC*

  • HCA Hospice*

  • HighPoint Community Services Association

  • Hougang Sheng Hong FSC

  • Jamiyah Home

  • Kampong Kampor FSC*

  • Lakeside (Jurong East) FSC*

  • Lakeside (Jurong West) FSC* 

  • Lions Befrienders - Mei Ling Senior Activity Centre* 

  • Lions Befrienders – Bendemeer Senior Activity Centre* 

  • METTA Preschool

  • METTA School*

  • Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore* 

  • Northlight School

  • Pathlight School*

  • Pertapis Senior Citizens Fellowship Home* 

  • Presbyterian Community Services - Dorcas Home Help Service 

  • Ren Ci Hospital

  • Singapore Anglican Community Services*

  • Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped* 

  • SN Share Program

  • Society for the Aged Sick 

  • Sree Narayana Mission Home

  • St. Andrew’s Autism Centre*

  • THK Family Service Centre @ Tanjong Pagar*

  • ​THK Home Help Service East

  • THK Home Help Service West

  • Victory FSC

  • Whispering Hearts Family FSC*

*Programmes supported by Community Chest.