You'll Never Walk Alone by Community Chest #YNWAbyComchest

Join us to walk alongside and support the less fortunate in our community.

Football fans might know You'll Never Walk Alone as the adopted club anthem of Liverpool F.C., but from 9 June to 9 August, Community Chest hopes it will also be a call-out to the community to support vulnerable groups in Singapore.

Fronted by Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin and supported by Official Liverpool Supporters Club Singapore, Official Liverpool Supporters Club Singapore East and other organisations and individuals, the #YWNAbyComChest campaign invites everyone, and not just Liverpool fans, to show their support for the disadvantaged - during this COVID-19 pandemic and thereafter.



If you fall down, we will help you to get up, stronger. You can be sure you will be taken care of. In Singapore, no one will be left to walk his journey alone. PM @leehsienloong This is not part of the official series of broadcasts 😁 but I hope you can help me share this with everyone out there. And importantly, to also chip in and support our “You’ll Never Walk Alone by @comchestsg ” effort. Charities are finding it challenging to raise funds to run programs for vulnerable Singaporeans. Every single cent of your donation will go to the beneficiaries. You will receive 250% tax rebate and Government will match dollar for dollar 20% of the total sum raised. Please do donate here: (Link in my profile page) Or here 😁: #YNWAbyComChest #SGCares Community Chest Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ #SelfHelpBroadcastWithPhoneOnTissueBox #NotTheOfficialBroadcast 😁 #LikeThatCanOrNot? #OwnselfBroadcastOwnself

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100% of the funds raised from the campaign will go towards over 80 social service agencies supported by Community Chest to empower lives of the vulnerable, adults with disabilities, children with special needs and youth-at-risk, families in need, vulnerable seniors and persons with mental health conditions.

Thank you to our champions for their fundraising support:

  • Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin

  • Mr Tan Chin Hwee

  • Official Liverpool Supporters Club (Singapore & Singapore East)

  • Parliament Football Team

  • Singapore National Olympics Council (SNOC) Athletes Commission

  • AXA Singapore

To make a contribution or set up your own fundraising campaign, visit Alternatively, you can click on the "Donate Now" button below. A silent auction of Liverpool memorailia and other collectors' items will also be held till 9 August. Click here for the full list of silent auction items.

We do not know how long this pandemic will last, but we do know that caring for the vulnerable can never stop, regardless of the circumstances. Let's walk alongside those who need it the most.


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