Mdm Suzana Binte Abdul Rahim

A mother’s love is the greatest love of all. In Mdm Suzana’s case, her love is also a pillar of strength.

Suzana Binte Abdul Rahim is a young mother receiving support services from Cheng San Family Service Centre under AMKFSC Community Services Ltd, and she hopes to be able to provide the best for her children.

When Suzana’s husband lost his job, things at home started to break down. With 4 young children of ages ranging from 5 years to 6 months-old, Suzana was unable to work as there was no one to help look after her children.

Unable to contribute financially to help the situation, Suzana saw herself as a burden to her family and was emotionally distressed. She pondered long and hard before she finally decided to look for help.
Things started to get better when Mdm Suzana found help and guidance at a nearby Family Service Centre. The case manager working on her case found that she enjoyed baking and encouraged her to join Bakery Hearts, which helps women from low-income families to learn baking and sell their handmade bakes. Mdm Suzana is also thankful that the case manager on her case was able to connect her to other group activities, which provided her some emotional support and increased her motivation to find employment. Now, she is not only able to help with family expenses, but she gained support from other like-minded women and is more confident of herself.
Since 2016, 25 year old Suzana participates actively in the centre’s group work to motivate and inspire others facing similar difficulties with her personal story. She attends the employment workshop where she learns skills such as interview skills which are important for her to find a job. She hopes to gain first-hand experience in managing a bakery before opening her own bakery in the future.
Cooking oil. Raw eggs. Flour. Baking Soda. These may be just some ingredients in a recipe but they are crucial for Mdm Suzana’s family. Your contributions will help families in difficulty, like Mdm Suzana’s family, achieve stability, stay resilient and create their own recipes for success.
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