1. What is SHARE?

    SHARE is a simple but meaningful monthly giving programme of Community Chest which enables individuals to make small but regular donations on a sustained basis through convenient modes such as payroll, GIRO or credit card transfers. These donations pooled together and 100% channelled by Community Chest to social service agencies, is a critical source of resource for a wide range of social service agencies that support social needs of many disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, especially those who are less visible or relatively unknown.

  2. When was SHARE started?

    SHARE was launched by Community Chest in 1984. It has been a trusted donation platform for over 34 years in Singapore.

  3. What is SHARE as One?

    Under the SHARE as One programme, the Government will provide dollar-for-dollar matching for any additional donations through SHARE, over and above the amount donated in Financial Year 2015. This will be for 6 years, starting from 1 April 2016.

  4. What are the objectives of SHARE as One?

    Through the SHARE as One programme, Community Chest hopes to:

    • Encourage more individual giving in a sustainable manner; and

    • Create more volunteering opportunities as part of corporate social responsibility efforts.

  5. How can corporates be part of SHARE as One?

    Where corporates encourage their staff to donate regularly through SHARE, the Government will allow 50% of the matching funds (up to a cap of $10,000 a year) to be used by them to organise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. The rest of the matching grant will go to a fund to be managed by Community Chest to benefit the social service sector.

  6. How can individuals be part of SHARE as One?

    Direct donations by individuals through SHARE will be eligible for matching. The matching will be determined by the increase in SHARE donations from individuals at the aggregate-level, and channelled to Community Chest to benefit the social service sector. Individuals can join in SHARE As One related activities that will be progressively updated in the SHARE As One shareasone.sg website.

  7. How can social service agencies be part of SHARE as One?

    Social service agencies can apply for the grant to organise meaningful volunteer activities for corporates and to build up volunteer management capabilities to provide better opportunities and experiences for corporate volunteers.

  8. How do companies sign up for SHARE as One?

    Corporates who are interested to support the SHARE programme can register their interest here.

  9. Why do we allow companies to claim a portion of the matching grant for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives? Shouldn’t CSR cost be funded from companies’ own funds?

    The Government recognises the important role businesses play in empowering employees to contribute back to society. The matching grant is only given out on increases in SHARE donations, to recognise the effort put in by businesses to rally their employees to give more. The portion of matching grant claimed by businesses can be used to support more volunteering opportunities for their employees.

  10. How can companies claim the matching grant? What kind of CSR initiatives will qualify for the matching grant?

    Companies with increase in their SHARE donations, above the base year FY15, would have a matching grant (50% of the grant capped at $10,000 per year) that can be used for CSR activities. The grant can be used to organize CSR activities with service users of a social service agency which are Institutions of a Public Character, or enhance CSR capabilities within the business. Businesses are encouraged to work with the social service agencies and NCSS to discuss appropriate CSR initiatives to conduct.

  11. Why is there a limit of 50% of matching grant, capped at $10,000, that the companies can claim for their CSR initiatives?

    The cap ensures that while support is given to help businesses in their CSR efforts, a good portion of the grant will be channelled to directly benefit the social service sector.

  12. What is the difference between Care & Share matching grant and the SHARE as One matching grant?

    The SHARE as One programme promotes the habit of regular giving by providing matching grants on additional SHARE donations from FY16 to FY21. Part of the matching grant may be utilised by companies to support CSR initiatives with the remainder of the matching grant channelled to a fund to be managed by Community Chest to support the social service sector.

    Care & Share is a national fundraising and volunteerism movement launched in conjunction with the SG50 celebrations. Under this movement, grants are given to Community Chest and 240 other social service agencies to support capability and capacity building projects. The matching period for Care and Share ends on 31 March 2016.

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