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We are all adding new stories to our lives every single day.

It could be something significant, like starting a new job, getting married or going on a long-awaited holiday. But it could also be something innocous too, like finally achieving that yoga pose you've been working towards, or winding down with friends at the end of a long week. We update these stories on our social media accounts, because these stories mean something to us, and they often represent joyous moments.

But for some of our social service users, their stories may not be filled with happy occasions. Regardless, they are determined to not let their circumstances define their futures. 

Watch the final episode of a three-part documentary series, which follows our service users through the eyes of local photographer, Mindy Tan. 


This holiday season, you can help our social service users Add A New Story to their lives and empower them to craft their own narrative, simply by giving the gift of your donation. 100% of all donations will go towards the 80 charities and 200 critical social services supported by Community Chest.




Add A New Story: Episode 1 (Time)

The journey for the less fortunate is not easy, but they are not alone. Watch the first episode of the documentary series, and see what time means for Mdm Chong, a participant with Lions Befrienders and Chloe Hor, a student from APSN Chaoyang School.


Add A New Story: Episode 2 (Movement)


Movement is independence, and a form of freedom. But it takes courage to push beyond our challenges and move forward. Watch the second episode of the documentary series, and see how two of our service users have been empowered to be independent. One of them is Rifky, a student with autism at Rainbow Centre, who has overcome his difficulties and wants to be a leader to inspire his peers. The other is Wendy, who was struck with polio since she was a child but is now able to work at a sheltered workshop at Bizlink and chooses to thrive and be happy.


Our Social Service Users

Meet six of our social service users, and find out more about their hopes and aspirations.

Chloe Hor Xin Hwee


Diagnosed with global developmental delay, Chloe had her fair share of language learning difficulties growing up. But that hardly hampered her determination to give in her best efforts in the face of challenges.

At APSN Chaoyang School, support and guidance from her teachers helped Chloe find confidence in sharing her thoughts during discussions, and the enthusiasm to take part and interact with peers in CCA activities. She received numerous school awards in recognition of her progress, and has even taken part in various Leadership Training Programmes.

This is just the beginning of Chloe's journey, and she has much potential to pave the way for more. Her dream for her future is simple: to be able to help support her family and loved ones. 

With your support, you can add a new story to Chloe's hopes and dreams. 


Mdm Chong Voon Lin


After retiring in 2013, Mdm Chong suddenly found herself at a loss of what to do. Lonely and feeling the lack of purpose, she sought out company at Lions Befrienders Ang Mo Kio Senior Activity Centre.

It was there that Mdm Chong found a renewed sense of purpose. She activiely participated programmes designed to help boost physical and mental health, and even discovered a newfound interest in art after attending an art therapy class.

She was so pleased with the services she has since recommended her elderly neighbours to join her at the centre, and now takes the initiative to help out neighbours less able than her. Staying meaningfully engaged and active is now her priority in life.

With your support, you can add a new story to Mdm Chong's pursuit of a quality life. 



Daryl Tan


"I want to help people be the best version of themselves, not just on social media, but in real life."

Bipolar disorder has given Daryl's story its fair share of ups and down's but he's not letting it have the last word. 

With help from Club HEAL, a social service agency that provides support to individuals with mental health conditions, Daryl has learned to manage his disorder. He has now embarked on the next part of his healing journey as a full-time peer supporter at Club HEAL, where he hopes to share his experiences with other patients and give them the same support and hope that he received.

With your support, you can add a new story to Daryl's dream of changing lives.



Mdm Cheong Kim Chwee


Mdm Cheong was admitted to AWWA Community Home for Senior Citizens after her first husband passed away in the early 90s, and she found herself unable to provide for herself, and grieving over the loss of her husband.

Under AWWA's care, she eventually regained her vigour for life, and even found love again. Despite eventually losing her second husband to illness, she was able to weather the storm thanks to a strong support system, and keep herself engaged through meaningful activities organised by AWWA.

After all that she has been through, Mdm Cheong is content to live simply, surrounded by good friends at AWWA.

With your support, you can help add a new story to Mdm Cheong's dream of leading a peaceful and quiet life.


Muhammad Rifky Shauqi bin Muhd Ricky Famie


"Being the captain of my futsal team gives me the opportunity to inspire others around me."

Autism is a challenge in Rifky's story but that won't stop him from scoring goals. Once a boy who struggled with anger management and behavioural issues and shunned social interaction, Rifky has since blossomed into a cheerful and independent young man, thanks to the guidance and encouragement from his school teachers at Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School.

Rifky now aspires to be a leader so that he can be an inspiration to all. There will no doubt be many unseen challenges along the way, but Rifky is ready to face them with a positive outlook on life.

With your support, you can add a new story to Rifky's pursuit of excellence.



Wendy Seet


"Like everyone else, I have dreams and life goals of my own."

Polio may have started Wendy's story but it won't be the end. In the face of challanges and hardship, Wendy plans to upgrade her skills and thrive in her career.

Today, she travels independently from home to her workplace at Bizlink Centre's sheltered workshop, which provides on-the-job training and employment for people with disabilities. With meaningful employment, Wendy has been able to manage her financial needs, find a sense of belonging within a community, and gain a feeling of self-worth and satisfaction.

With your support, you can add a new story to Wendy's journey towards full independence. 



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