A Little More

Big changes come from little steps.

This year's National Day Parade(NDP) theme, “Our Singapore”, commemorates our Singapore bicentennial and allows us to tell our Singapore story from past to present. “Our” emphasises the collective ownership of Singapore.

Inspired by this theme, the A Little More outreach campaign hopes to encourage everyone to spread the NDP cheer to those in need with a little kindness.

Through the A Little More campaign, NDP is partnering Community Chest to provide a platform for anyone who is interested in and willing to make a difference to the community by giving A Little More to social service users from about 80 social service agencies in Singapore. Your contributions will go towards empowering the lives of children with special needs, youth-at-risk, adults with disabilities, families in need, vulnerable seniors and persons with mental health conditions.

Let us do our part to exemplify the spirit of community giving and sharing, where we support one another by giving and caring A Little More.