SP Heartware Fund - June 2019

Help seniors in need
live with hope and confidence.


Like many Singaporeans, Mr Ho Koon Long made an honest living. He honed his skills as a framemaker, and later became a bus-driver. He had a stable family life with his wife and child.
Little did he expect that in his silver years, he would be separated from his family and struck with a debilitating illness. Unable to work, isolated and with little money to survive, Mr Ho felt life was meaningless.
“I could not believe it. It came all of a sudden. I felt that I had lost everything,” he said.
When he was hospitalised in November 2014, he feared he would be permanently immobile. This was till a medical social worker referred him to the AWWA Senior Community Home. The residential facility is one of the homes funded by the SP Heartware Fund.
AWWA Senior Community Home provided a secure and safe environment for Mr Ho to recuperate. He shares a one-room unit with two other room-mates. He also receives medical care and befrienders regularly visit him. He can now independently pursue hobbies such as gardening and help in chores in the home. This gives him a sense of purpose. He has made new friends who understand what he is going through. This has restored his confidence and assurance in being part of a family again.
Today, 65-year-old Mr Ho’s health has improved and he takes fewer pills. He is able to move around more easily and even help others in need. He remarks that people cannot tell he had a stroke just a few years ago.
Thanks to your support, more than 15,000 seniors will benefit from the SP Heartware Fund this year. They include less privileged seniors who are battling conditions from dementia to disability, lack family support and have limited or no financial resources.

Help seniors in need to live with hope and confidence. Make your commitment today.



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