SP Heartware Fund

Help seniors in need
live with hope and confidence.


For more than 50 years, Mdm Soo Yin Kum made a living as a cleaner. Growing up as the only child of a carpenter, she had no formal education as her parents could not afford it. To help make ends meet, she took up odd jobs from the age of 12.

After her parents passed away, she stayed with a good friend. When her friend passed on, she did not wish to impose on her friend’s family. Rheumatoid arthritis had forced her to stop working and she had to undergo neck surgery. However, with no relatives to depend on, she was worried about her future.

Mdm Soo’s burden was lifted when social workers helped her to move into SASCO Hong San Community Home. She regained her mobility with therapy and care at SASCO, which provides room and board seniors who are destitute and have no family support. Mdm Soo is now meaningfully occupied at the Home, welcoming and assisting visitors every weekday morning. 

The SP Heartware Fund supports 25,000 seniors through programmes under Community Chest, through community homes, befriending, rehabilitation and caregiver support, seniors like Mdm Soo can lead dignified and fulfilling lives. 

Help seniors in need to live with hope and confidence. Make your commitment today.